The Process

Following are instructions for completing the tasks for this project. You will also be given instructions on items to place in your computer portfolio as evidence of your completion of each task. If you are working with an instructor, you may submit your portfolio for feedback and support.

1. Open and save a new page

Follow the Learn Online with ACTDEN tutorial on Front Page 2000. Click HERE  to open the Contents Section, and then click on  "Fresh Start" to open a new page and modify the background color.

Do not be discouraged by the cartoon icons that explain each step. The tutorial provided is not childish at all!  You'll enjoy the steps.


     Your Portfolio

When you complete the activities....

  1. Save your page to a folder called -- "Your Initials Front Page." For example, my name is Leecy Wise, so I would save my page to a folder called -- LW Front Page.

  2. Give your page the name "your initialspractice.htm." My first page would be called "lwpractice." Save it in the folder you created.

2. Explore Front Page views and toolbars.



Front Page offers you three option for working (bottom of screen): your editing screen (NORMAL tab), your HTML language screen (HTML tab, and your actual view of what the page will look like when it is published (Preview tab). You can only make changes in the Normal or HTML views. Animations, links and other interactive features will only play in Preview mode. 


The views bar will appear on the left side of the screen (see image below) when you open it from the Menu Bar (View -> Views Bar). Unless you are doing more advanced work with your site, keep that bar closed so that you have more room on your screen to see your pages.


Rest your cursor on any of the icons on the toolbar and read the label to understand its function. The Menu items above the icons also contain all of the options available to you.