The Process
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  • Open a new web and save it with a completed "index.htm" page

  • A single Web Page needs to be published within a Web, which contains important folders to make it work online.

    Step 1 - Go to "Start -> Programs -> Microsoft FrontPage" and click

    Step 2 -When Front Page opens, go to FILE -> NEW -> WEB -> ONE PAGE WEB. Before you click OK, be sure to give your new web a name (look in the little box that says, "Specify the location of the new web). Save your web into the folder you created for this project. Be sure to also note and remember where you have saved your web.


    When you click "OK", your screen should look like the image below. Notice the frame on the left side showing the folders that automatically come with a web. If you don't see that frame, click on the toolbar as shown by the red arrow. That will open and close the frame to allow you to see your work in full screen when you want to.

    The "index.htm" page is the HOME PAGE for you web. Use it to introduce your viewers to your Website and to help them navigate (hyperlinks) to important parts of your site.


         Your Portfolio

    1. Save your index page in the Web  you created and saved in the exercise above.

    2. Create three new pages with different names and save them in the same website folder. 

    For example, if you are are creating a personal page for your family and friends to see, you might have a website that looks like this one -> Click here to see a model of a simple Website. In the model site, I added two pages to the index page, called "family.htm, interests.htm and sites.htm," (Keep your file names as short as possible, use lowercase lettering and eliminate spaces between words. You might abbreviate words to help shorten the file name.)

    1. Hyperlink all of the pages in your website to each other.

    2. Provide a hyperlink to your email to allow people to contact you.

    3. Provide at least three links to other websites that will provide your visitors with more information on some aspect of your site.

  • Evaluate your website using a list of good tips

  • Website Tips . Read the tips that are listed and comment on whether or not you've applied all elements into the website you've created. Save your comments into your initial Portfolio Folder for this project.

  • Other tutorials covering the items completed in this project. Go have some fun reviewing what you have learned.

  • Evaluate your project with Rubrics