My Excel Account
Calculate a Running Balance
Part 4

A WebTask for Adult Learners

In this task, you will complete the following objectives (If you are new to Excel, complete Parts 1, 2, and 3 before this project):

  • Open Excel and save your new file
  • Enter data in each cell, following the model
  • Create a balance formula and apply it to one cell
  • Extend the formula to additional cells
  • Create your own account with a running balance
  • Complete a reading challenge.

You will evaluate yourself (compete rubrics) at the end. Click on the arrow to read the rubric (evaluation) items at the end.   
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Follow the Instructions and Ask for Help if You Need It

Open Excel and Create a blank spreadsheet or worksheet. Save your page as "yourinitialsbalance." For example, my name is Leecy Wise, so I would save my file as "lwbalance." ASK your instructor about how and where to save your file.

Activity 1

Copy the information below in the correct cells in your worksheet, as shown.

1 Deposits Withdrawals Balance
2 $1,000 $625 =SUM(A2,-B2)
3 1000 740 =SUM(C2,A3,-B3)

After you copy the formulas in column C, you'll be able to watch them work. 

-->>To switch between viewing the results and viewing the formulas that return the results, press CTRL+` (grave accent), or on the Tools menu, point to Formula Auditing, and then click Formula Auditing Mode. You can see the two views below.

Or, click anywhere outside cell C3 to see the calculated total.

-->> Save your work.

Activity 2

To keep the running balance, add a row for each new entry (deposit or withdrawal).

  1. Type amounts for more deposits (money you add to your account) and withdrawals (money you take from your account) into the empty rows. Type the amounts directly below the existing data (information). For instance, if you were using the example above, you would type the deposits into A4, A5, and so on. You would type the withdrawals into B4, B5, and so on.

  2. Now, extend the running balance formula into the new rows. To do that, select the last cell in the balance column (C3, in this case) and then drag it to the last row with information (Row 7, in this case).

Notice that the formula extended to the last cell you wrote in. Press Control + `, and you'll see the running balance.

-->> Save your work.

Activity 3: Click on the arrow to complete the reading challenge. When you finish the exercise, complete the project below.

COMPLETE YOUR EXCEL PROJECT: Create a balance sheet for a checking or other account. Insert at least 4 deposits and 8 withdrawals in that account. Create a running balance for each entry. 

When you finish, print your work, sign it, and place it in your portfolio. Note that if you take out more that you have in your account, the balance will show in parenthesis and in red. In that case, you will also owe the bank extra money for overdrawing! Not a good idea.

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