Budget Reading Challenge
Calculating Amounts

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A. Write the missing words in the boxes provided. The sentences are take from your main page.

1. The AutoSum button shows the sign of an

2. If you don't see a button that you want to use, click on the small images you will find on your toolbar. Those show you the hidden on your toolbar that don't fit the screen.  

3. There are several ways to have Excel calculate the sum (total) of the in  the cells.

B. The sign * represents... (Check one box)


C.  Write a simple explanation or definition, in your own words, for the following terms. [If you want to look up each word before you write, go to  http://dictionary.reference.com/  . Type the word in the box provided and press ENTER. Then come back to this page and define the words.]


spreadsheet -

sum -
budget -
toolbar -
cell -
column -
row -
average -
option -

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When you finish, print this page, sign it, and place it in your folder or portfolio.

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