Web Search Intro

Math Activity
A Webtask for adult learners

Graphs and charts are ways of representing  information visually. For example, what does the graph below tell you?

The graph compares Search Engine results on the keywords "First Aid Tutorials" among five Engines (See boxes on your right): Google, Yahoo, Hotbot, Alta Vista, and  Lycos.

On the left margin of the chart, you see the words, "Number of Returns in Thousands." Google found 306,000 (in thousands) tutorials. Hotbot found 61,000. What did the others find?

Alta Vista Yahoo  Lycos

Examine the very same information in a pie chart, below.

Following are a chart and a graph with different information. Provide answers to the questions using the boxes below.







Chris' highest score area:
Lowest score area:  

John's least expensive month Second least  Most expensive   

Do you think John should sell his car?

When you finish, sign and date your calculation sheets. Print this page with your answers. Place all of you work in your portfolio.

(You can create your own graphs at http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/graphing/ )

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