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In our last WORD tasks, we changed decimals into fractions. We multiplied fractions and divided decimals and fractions to measure the space and outlines in a document. To review those activities click on one of the arrows.

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%%% Figuring Percentage of Space Used %%%%

In the last task (Word Flyer), you measured the length, width and area of a page that contained text and tear-off tabs. What percentage of total space did each of these areas take up?

A percentage is always based on 100. When you say that something is 100 percent (%), you are stating that is takes up the total. One hundred percent effort means total effort. You are paying 100% of your attention to this task, right?

What number represents 100% of the area on a 8.5 X 11 inches page? You figured that out before: 93.5 in2.

The total area for the page is 93.5 in2.  

ACTIVITY 1: Figure out the percentage taken up by the text area (gray below).

The text area on the flyer below takes up an area of 27.5 in2. What percentage is 27.5 (text area) of 93.5 (total) ? 

STEP 1: Read the information on the site below. Click on http://www.aaamath.com/B/pct61bx1.htm - Finding percents 

STEP 2: Apply what you learned. Compute the percentage of the text are above on a separate piece of paper. Round off your answer (find the closest whole number). Enter the answer below and check your answer.


ACTIVITY 2: On a separate piece of paper, calculate the percentage taken up by the tear-off area (striped) below. It covers an area of 34.5 in2.

Sign your work pages and place them in your portfolio.

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