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Sales Flyer
A Webtask for adult learners

If you are new to WORD, click on the arrows below to complete a title page and a table in WORD. When you finish, come back here and complete this task. 

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Read over your rubrics (self-evaluation) for this task before you go on. Click on the arrow, and use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page.


Activity 1: Download a flyer template, and save it.

Double click the WORD file, Sales Flyer, below. It is a flyer template, which we will modify. When the window opens, select SAVE. Save the file to your computer. 

wpe3.jpg (7291 bytes)

Sales Flyer

[You can open a number of different templates in Word. Click on the link below to explore other Microsoft templates. Be sure to check the icon next to the template title. Some templates are in other programs, like Publisher or Excel.]


Activity 2: Open a template from your computer. Save it with a different name. Insert a new image, and save it again.

Step 1: Go to the place where you saved the Sales Flyer file (saleflyer.doc). Open that file.

Step 2: SAVE YOUR WORD document again, and add your initials to the document. For example, if Bob Barley were saving the file, he would call it "bbsaleflyer.doc).

Step 3: Click on the picture of the house (handles will appear around the edges). Delete the image.


wpeB.jpg (103249 bytes)

Step 4: When the Clipart Panel opens, click on Clips Online. You will be taken to the Microsoft site on the Internet. When the site opens, select Clipart from the SEARCH window. Write TRUCK in the next window. Click on GO.

When the clipart appears, click on NEXT until you find a picture you like. When you do, check the box under it.

wpeD.jpg (101687 bytes)

Step 5: Scroll down the left side column and click on the ARROW in the REVIEW BASKET.  A window will open. Click on DOWNLOAD NOW.

The image file will probably download into your CLIP ORGANIZER, unless you told it to save somewhere else. 

Step 6: When you see the picture on your computer, simply drag it (select the image and hold down the left button while you move the cursor) onto your flyer. Drop it exactly where the picture of the house used to be. If you saved the file somewhere else, drag it from that location.

wordfl5.jpg (21735 bytes)


Activity 3: Modify the text of your flyer and save it.

Step 1: Select the text under the image. Type in...

$ 3,700.00

If you click on the text boxes below what you just typed, you'll notice two columns, or boxes.  Select the text in each box and delete it.

wpe12.gif (7138 bytes)

Step 2: In the first column write...

YEAR: 1987

MAKE: Dodge Ram, half ton, V6 engine.

CONDITION: Great. Rebuilt engine and new tires.

Mileage: Only 103,000 miles!

Select the text you wrote in the first column (above). Change the FONT to ARIAL and change the size of the font to 18. [NOTE: to have enter only 1 space between the lines, press SHIFT and ENTER on you keyboard.]

wpe14.jpg (102601 bytes)

Enter the text you see in the image above into the second column.

Step 3: Look at the bottom of the flyer. You'll see several sections with places to enter your information. The text has been formatted so that it is vertical instead of horizontal. Select the text in one tab and enter your information there. Enter...

Bob Barley

Step 4: Now select the text you just wrote and copy it into your clipboard (storage area). To do that, with the text selected go to EDIT -> COPY or simple press CONTROL + C on your keyboard. You've done it before, so this is a review.

Step 5: Next, select or highlight the text in the other tabs and simply PASTE the information into each one. Go to EDIT -> PASTE or CONTROL + V on your keyboard. That way, you don't have to type the information into each tab again.

  wordfl8.jpg (11340 bytes)   wpe19.jpg (106656 bytes)


Click on the arrow to see the completed flyer. Check your work. Print your flyer, and place it in your portfolio.

Reading/Writing Activity:

Create a flyer in WORD to sell something for yourself or someone else. Post your flyer where people in your community can get the information. Print a copy for your portfolio as well.


Complete the Rubrics, print and date the Rubrics page, and place it in your folder.

Congratulations! You have completed your task!

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