Pisces Math/Science Challenge


Read the information and complete the activities. When you finish, print this page and place it in your folder.


If you are a Pisces, you probably like fish. A well-balanced home aquarium, with colorful and happy fish, can give you lots of fun. It can also give the impression of being in the water.

What kind of aquarium do you need? That depends on the space you have. It will also depend on how strong your furniture is. To hold an aquarium, you need a sturdy and balanced stand. That will prevent the weight from shifting once the aquarium is filled with water.

One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds (lbs). Lets say you have an 11-gallon tank that weighs 1.5 lbs empty. That aquarium would weigh approximately 85 lbs (84.90 rounded off) if you placed 10 gallons of water into it.

How it works:

8.34 lbs X 10 gallons = 83.4 lbs.

83.4 lbs + 1.5 lbs = 84.9 lbs (85 lbs rounded off).

How many pounds would a table hold with an 2 lb aquarium filled with 13 gallons of water? It would hold 110 lbs.

How it works:

8.34 lbs X 13 gal = 108.42 lbs (Rounded off to 108)

108 lbs + 2 lb (the weight of the unit itself) = 110 lbs.


For happy fish and plants, you will also need a light in your aquarium. Fluorescent bulbs emit various spectrums of light waves. Some of those will encourage plant growth, including algae.

The wattage required for best plant growth depends upon the size of the tank. The rule-of-thumb is 1.5 watts per gallon of water. Therefore, a 30 gallon tank would require a 40 watt bulb, or a pair of 20 watt bulbs.

MATH/SCIENCE CHALLENGE Remember: 1 lb = 16 ounces (oz)

1) Fill in the answers and then check them. ROUND OFF your answers.

Based on all of the information above, fill in the information in the blanks. Print this page after you finish.

1)Approximately how much would a 3 lbs-aquarium weigh with 15 gallons of water in it?
2) Approximately how much would a 4.5 lbs-aquarium weigh with 17 gallons of water in it and 6 ounces of gravel?
3) If a full2 lb aquarium weighed 26.3 lbs, approximately how many gallons of water would it be holding?
4) How strong a light bulb would you need for a full 20-gallon tank?
5) How much wattage would you need for a full 50-gallon tank?
6) Approximately how much weight would a stand have to hold with a 2 lb aquarium, holding 8 gallons of water, 1.7 lbs of gavel and .5 lb of plants, equipment and other matter?

2) On a separate piece of paper, show your calculations to find the answers for the 6 challenges above. Place your calculations with this printed page into your folder.

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