Build a File Cabinet on My Computer
Evaluate Yourself!


Instructions: Look at the items (words or topics) in the first column. They represent important steps in this project. 

Now read the statement that describes how well you completed that item. When you complete this project, continue to the following steps.

CLICK NEXT TO THE STATEMENT THAT IS TRUE FOR YOU. YOU WILL SEE A CHECKMARK. If you change your mind, click again, and the checkmark will disappear. 


-->>Remember --- It is smart to ask for help when you need it!

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Good Job

Way to Go!

Create two folders 

I didn't create folders and didn't ask for help.

I followed some directions but had difficulty with creating and naming folders.

I followed most the directions. I created two folders with few difficulties.

I followed the directions. I created a  two folders and named them.

move files into different folders I didn't save or move files. I saved the files but I have trouble moving them to folders. I saved the two files and moved them but I need more practice. I saved two files onto my desktop and moved them into two different folders.
Complete a writing exercise I didn't complete the exercise I completed part of the exercise. I completed the exercise, printed but had some difficulty following instructions. I completed the exercise, printed all of my work and saved it in my folder.
Practice new skills  I didn't practice the skills. I need to repeat the task to learn it better. I didn't practice much. I want to continue this task. I practiced what I learned but didn't go beyond that. I practice what I learned and know how to do it on my own. I visited the sites and learned a lot more.

Task Checklist

Project Instructions

Check Completion

  • create two folders (actually sub-folders) on your PC (Windows Machine): "My Task" and "My Practice Folder."
  • move the files into "My Task" folder. 
  • move one of the files into the "My Practice Folder."
  • complete a writing exercise
  • (Optional) visit related sites and practice file management and file size exercises.
  1. create two files and save them into the "My Task" folder.
  2. move one of the files into the "My Practice Folder."
  3. create a new "file cabinet" on your desktop with two folders and a file in each.
  4. complete a writing exercise
  5. (Optional) visit related sites and practice file management and file size exercises.