My Own Song Task
Evaluate Yourself!


Instructions: Look at the items in the first column. They represent important steps in this project. 

Now read the statement that describes how well you completed that item. CLICK NEXT TO THE STATEMENT THAT IS TRUE FOR YOU. YOU WILL SEE A CHECKMARK. If you change your mind, click again, and the checkmark will disappear.

Remember --- It is smart to ask for help when you need it!




Good Job

Way to Go!

Following Instructions 

I couldn't follow instructions and I didn't ask for any help.

I had difficulty following instructions and was scared to ask for help

I followed most instructions and asked for some help when I was confused.

I followed all of the instructions and asked for help when I needed it.

Memorization I couldn't do the exercise. I had trouble memorizing. I learned part of the song. I memorized the song but had some trouble with the site. I memorized the song and followed the music on the site.

Writing My Own Song

I couldn't understand how to complete the exercise and didn't ask for help. I wrote some words of my own. I need more help. I wrote my own song but I am not too happy with it. I wrote my own song and a few others. I placed everything in my folder.

Task Checklist

Project Instructions

Check Completion

I read and memorized the song.
I opened the Website and played the music while I sang the words.
I returned to the Task page.
I changed the words to the song.
I saved my work and placed it in my folder or portfolio.