Create a Life Table in Word

1.  Open a new document in Word and create the table you see in the model below. Insert your own information. You may want to comment on ages 1-10 and 11-18, etc... As you press "Enter" on your keyboard, you add spaces to the cell to fit your words. Click on the arrow to see the model in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader). If you don't have the program, ask for help in downloading it to your computer.


First 20 Years

Second 20 Years

Third 20 Years

Important People

Mom, dad, Bill, my aunts and uncles and cousins, Dr. Oliver, my teachers and classmates

My husband and children, close friends, teachers, students, mentors

My friends,    co-workers, animals and clients

Major Events

Baptism, graduation, move to another country

Graduation from college, start of career, marriage, and children, death of father

Move to another state, new career’, new business, travel, death of mother, health issues

Happiest Moment

HS graduation and enter college

Marriage and children

New career

Skills Learned

Relationships, sports, academic skills

Academic and technical skills, teaching, life adjustments, work skills, relationship and motherhood.

Balance and harmony, discernment, personal growth

Education Completed

High school

College and Masters

Career courses


Create your own colors and text. Enter a picture if you want.

When you finish, print your table and place it in your folder or portfolio.

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