Sweet Car Dreams:

Rebuilding Classic and Exotic Cars

A WebQuest for Montezuma County Adult Education and GED Students


Designed by

 Gloria J. Edwards and Dallas Frasier  


Adult Education, Cortez, Colorado

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Be sure to read all sections, including  the Rubrics Section before you actually start the project.




 How many times have you dreamt of rebuilding your dream car?  How about starting your own mechanic’s business remodeling or rebuilding exotic or classic cars?  In this lesson we look at costs of rebuilding cars of your choice, looking at internet sites about dealing in cars, and designing your new business and mechanic’s garage.

Your Mission

 You are a car mechanic/dealer in exotic or classic cars.  Your task is to look at rebuilding two different makes of cars and figuring their cost for a customer.  You also can learn how to use a simple  spreadsheet to work out and store information about your dream cars.  To have the most fun, you’ll need your fantasy garage!  Put your dreams into words…write essays about your new business and your fantasy garage!

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The “Biz”:  

NOTE: To save ink, when you print a page in this project, remember to ask your printer to print in Black and White or Grayscale and select the draft mode from the printer preferences.

 1.  Choose two of your favorite car makes and models.  Here is a list of websites to use in your research:


www.yearone.com: muscle cars and parts, 60’s to 90’s

www.carparts.com: research various car parts for most makes

www.jcwhitney.com: car parts for older (1930’s) to newer cars

www.pastparts.com: request specific parts for older and classic cars

www.classicautospares.com: request specific parts for older and classic cars


Use the websites to research car types, cost, car parts, use these websites to fill out your spreadsheet.  Add up total costs of cars and parts. 


Sandblasting, glass, paint restoration, and interiors can be priced locally by calling these folks:


Fast Eddy’s Durango : 247-4587

Glass Masters Durango : 247-4587

Other repair specialists can be found in the yellow pages under “Automobile Body Repair and Painting”


Give ‘em a call! You’re almost finished pricing that dream baby! Keep thinking about how you’d design your rebuilding business and garage…. Back to Top ^


2. Cost/Parts Chart

Click here to open a Cost Chart. Fill out this chart for your dream cars using information that you get from the websites and phone calls. 


3. Figure It Out!


Click here to open a Working Sheet.


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Click here to open a your Writing Sheet.

5. Evaluate Yourself

Click here to open your Rubric (Self-Evaluation) for this project.

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Congratulations!  In this lesson you’ve learned about new websites, finished a cost study of cool cars, calculated engine capacity, and written essay questions about your new car business.  You have sharpened your reading, math, writing, and analytical skills while researching your dream car.  Good luck in your new career as a car rebuilder and mechanic!


Credits & References

Tracy Graffis, Redline Sales, 11012 Hwy 666 North. Cortez , CO   81321 .

Dallas Frasier, GED Candidate, Cortez Adult Education Program.

Steve Becher, 11th Street Service, 100 South 11th, Dolores , CO   81323

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