Write Your Thoughts!

Print this sheet, complete each section, and place it in your portfolio or folder.


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1.    Taking your data from the chart, describe your dream car! How much will it cost to build it?  How long do you think it would take you? Now that you can see the differences between your two cars, which one would you rebuild?  Write your ideas here in three paragraphs.













































2.    Write about the car business that you would like to start.  Would you work on newer, exotic cars (1980ís and newer)?  Regular mechanics for all cars?  Or just deal in and sell restored cars? Restore vintage (early 1900ís) or classic (1926-1980ís) cards?  Where would you have your business?















































3. OK, hereís where your imagination runs wild!  Describe your fantasy garage!  How big is it? What kinds and brands of tools would you have?  How many cars would it fit?  Music system? Heat?  Write it in a three-paragraph essay here.