WebQuests for Adult Learners

A WebQuest is a self-directed, online exercise that leads students through the process of completing a variety of tasks leading to a final project. A good WebQuest has the following sections: Introduction, Task (objectives), Process (specific instructions with links), Resources, Rubric, and, optionally, a Teacher's Section. WebQuests should be written at the language level of the student. If you conduct an Internet search on WebQuests, you will find thousands to choose from. 

NOTE -> Although WebTasks are written for students, students are encouraged to ask for help. Computers are different and students may be confused when they see a screen that doesn't look like the image shown. Also, there are things like "pop up" windows and links that open new windows on the Internet. The may discourage users. Instructors need to be available to encourage students to complete each task.

What Is a Computer 

Front Page Intro 

Sweet Car Dreams

Four Corners UFO

Shoshone Equestrian Center

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