Capricorn, The Sea Goat -Dec. 22 to Jan. 19


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In this project, you will...

  1. Read a short description of the sign, Capricorn.
  2. Complete a reading/writing challenge.
  3. Read information about the Earth and complete a related math challenge.
  4. Create a collage about yourself.


You have strong leadership ability. You like to create new ideas. You know how to delegate details to others and move on to new things. You want to accomplish everything very well. You mature early in life. You dislike the condition of being a child. You tend to have conservative attitudes. You set high goals and are rarely satisfied with results. You are internally emotional, but you sometimes appear cold and distant. He are interested only in the business at hand. You are loyal and committed in love.


Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by powerful Saturn. Saturn is the planet of structure and responsibility. However, it is influenced by Mars. Mars is the planet of action and desire! Capricorn governs public life and organization. It has personal ambition and a strong will to succeed. It is an earth sign, so Capricorn people are loyal and make faithful friends. On the other hand, they can be possessive and a bit jealous.

The goat is a sure-footed climber. You are heading for the top of the rock. You'll gladly work long and hard if it means getting what (or who) you want. If not, you will not take the time. You have a good sense of humor. but be careful about laughing at someone else's expense.

The ancient emblem of Capricorn was the sea-goat -- half goat and half fish. This represented the death of the lower mind and the birth of the spiritual.

You can be a good builder, engineer, politician, lawyer, or business executive.

Thin Capricorns develop good eating habits early. You have a spirit of competition, so you enjoy sports. However, make sure you learn to accept defeat as well as success. Don't use the spirit of negative aggression to win. Jogging, running (especially cross-country), golf, skating, hunting, wrestling, boxing, martial arts, and body-building are favorite activities. You age very well and keep looking young from your middle years well into old age.

Your colors are chocolate brown, royal and navy blue, dark green, charcoal grey and red. Capricorn rules metallic lea. The red garnet is your birthstone, which protects against accidents and falls. In some ancient societies, garnets were worn only by royalty. Capricorn flowers include the camellia, orange blossom, carnation (red), baby's breath, and magnolia.

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Strengths Challenges
Practical and wise
Ambitious and disciplined
Patient and careful
Humorous and reserved
Pessimistic and fatalistic
Miserly and grudging
Likes Dislikes

Knowing what you discuss

Wild plans
"Go-nowhere" jobs

Suggestions on Handling Difficult Situations

SITUATION: You have people take advantage of you and your good nature.
SUGGESTION: Try being more careful with your favors, and putting number one first for a change.

SITUATION: People get "turned off" to you.
SUGGESTION: Examine a cause you have been defending or pushing lately; is it worth it?

SITUATION: Coworkers do not like to work next to you, sharing projects.
SUGGESTION: While you make a good authority figure try not to act like it. When you work beside someone, treat him or her as an equal.

SITUATION: You get too tired out and not don't finish projects that you have in the works.
SUGGESTION: Try not to make too many plans and have them scheduled too close together. Plan a little better and you'll feel better.

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