Scorpio, The Scorpion (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)

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In this project, you will...

  1. Read a short description of the sign, Scorpio.
  2. Complete a reading/writing challenge.
  3. Read information about money management and scientific calculations, and complete a related math/science challenge.
  4. Create a collage about yourself.


You are "in tune" to the emotions of others. You know when others are being false or insincere. You enjoy mysterious things and personal secrecy. You don't get angry easily, but, if you are offended, you hold on to it for a long time. You are attracted to the healing arts and spiritual truths. However, you are also interested in financial matters and management.


Scorpio, the eighth sign of the Zodiac, is a feminine sign. It is ruled by fierce Mars, the warrior planet, and mysterious Pluto, the planet of transformation. Scorpio governs will and authority. Scorpio people are passionate and have very deep feelings. Although you are a loyal and dedicated friend, you are fiercely competitive

Determined Scorpio, a stable sign, can be a bit stubborn and tenacious. In many ways this is good because it gives you the strength to get things done. On the surface, you may seem easy-going and friendly. However, you like to control your situations.

Keys to your success are a strong will and the ability to get to the bottom of things.

Unless it becomes necessary, you are not combative. You guard your privacy, so others get to know you only up to a point. When you are after something (or someone) your determination is fierce. However, you are not arrogant. You are generally interested in others and what they have to say.

Emotions govern your first reactions to everything, but you don't show your emotions easily. You need to dominate, or control, relationships and rarely show your true feelings.

Scorpios make good doctors, investigators, ecologists, financial managers, engineers, navigators (of the Titanic?) and secret agents.

Scorpio colors are red, black, midnight blue, and emerald green. Scorpio rules metallic iron and your birthstone is the topaz. Topaz, one of the hardest minerals, cannot be cut with a knife. It is yet another representation of the Scorpio nature. Scorpio flowers include the anemone, heather, and gardenia.

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Strengths Challenges



Likes Dislikes

Hidden Causes
Being involved
Work that is Meaningful

Being taken advantage of
Silly jobs
Shallow relationships

Suggestions on Handling Difficult Situations

As a Scorpio you may see things below that really sound right. If you try the solution or suggestions, you will probably be amazed at the results.

CHALLENGE: You feel inferior to others and so you don't like to get involved in helping them sometimes.
SUGGESTION: You should try to admit everyone has weakness. Practice forgiving those weaknesses until you notice them becoming less and less. Accept that you can be helped in your problems.

CHALLENGE: After you get everyone to agree with you and you get your own way, you are still not satisfied with the results.

CHALLENGE: You are facing trouble in marriage or other relationships.
SUGGESTION: Remember to accept weaknesses in yourself and those you love. Your relationships will improve!

CHALLENGE: People in your group begin to avoid you, or drift away when you walk up.
SUGGESTION: Let your guard down. Let people get to know you more. Don't assume that they dislike you.

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