Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sep. 22)

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In this project, you will...

  1. Read a short description of the sign, Virgo.
  2. Complete a reading/writing challenge.
  3. Read information about solving problems and organizing facts, and complete a related math/science challenge.
  4. Create a collage about yourself.


You are sensitive to your environment and have delicate nervous systems. You have a strong need for order and routine. You are a great organizer even though this activity is a nuisance. You are excellent at research and at drawing conclusion from fact. However, you sometimes get caught in details and could miss the bigger picture. Virgos will usually marry, but they are actually happier in the single life.


Virgo is your star sign. It is an earth sign. Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac. It is ruled by the magical trickster Mercury.

Virgo people are practical and industrious. They are very adaptable. They have a special eye for detail.

The sign for Virgo is a virgin holding bundles of wheat in her hands. The sign symbolizes wisdom gained from experience.

Most Virgos are shy and idealistic. However, if you are disappointed, you could harden into a cynic or skeptic. As a result of disappointments, Virgos can become very critical with of themselves and their circumstances.

Communication is important to you, and you love books, magazines, and writing. You always look for perfection, so you often want to improve things and other people (whether they need it or not!).

The service-oriented Virgos seek to improve the environment. They often choose careers in health-related fields, teaching, labor relations, or counseling.

You like to help others, but you may act the martyr when you are ignored. In your effort to improve others, you may sometimes use guilt as a weapon. This can harm others and become negative in your life. You may let yourself enter black moods and from time to time, which can affect others around you.

You like to stay physically fit. You don't mind exercise routines if you can see the outcome. You are not too competitive, but you enjoy tennis, racquetball, swimming, sailing, fishing, and biking. You just like to perfect your skills for yourself. You are talented in various crafts, dressmaking and designing.

Virgos are well suited as chemists, doctors, investigators, nutritionists, managers and entrepreneurs -- veterinarians, too, the better to help a pup in need.

Your colors are blue, yellow, grey, tan, navy, and lilac. Your birthstone is the sapphire. Ancient societies considered this gem to be a love charm. Sapphires come in a variety of colors and can even be transparent. The most valuable sapphires are blue. Blue is also the principal color associated with Virgo. Flowers and plants for Virgo include the aster, chrysanthemum, ivy, and fern.

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Strengths Challenges

Practical and wise


Likes Dislikes

Knowing what you discuss
Firm foundations

Wild ideas and plans
Dead-end jobs

Suggestions on Handling Difficult Situations

As a Virgo you may see things below that really sound right. If you try the solution or suggestions, you will probably be amazed at the results.

CHALLENGE: You feel that people take advantage of you and your good nature.
SUGGESTION: Try being more careful with your favors. Place number one (yourself) first for a change

CHALLENGE: Coworkers so not like to work along side of you, sharing projects.
SUGGESTION: : While you make a good authority figure, try not to act like it. Treat others at work equals.

CHALLENGE: You get too tired out and do not finish projects.
SUGGESTION: Do not make too many plans and have them scheduled too close together. Pace yourself, and you will clear this problem up.

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