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NOTE1 : Some of the pictures may be a little different than what you see. Ask for help if you need it! Work with a friend and help each other!


In this Task, you will...
  • Go to a Search Engine (Google), and find links to two dictionaries online.
  • "Look up" a word in each of the dictionaries.
  • Copy and paste the definitions into a MS Word document
  • Write four sentences using the word.
  • Look up another word of your choice and write more sentences with the new word.
  • Complete a math challenge.
  • Save all of your work in your file or portfolio.

[If you don't know how to save a file, ask for help or complete the "Folders" WebTask. If you don't know how to use MS Word, ask for help, or complete the "Word Title" WebTask.]

When you complete this task, you will evaluate yourself. You will complete a Rubric (Self-Evaluation Form). 

Read the Rubric and the Checklist before you begin. Then return to this page.



NOTE: You will be moving from this page to your own computer as you work. To go back and forth between two documents on your PC, use your keyboard.  Hold down the key "ALT" and click the key "TAB." That will take you back and forth between two documents.
Search Engines are valuable tools on the Internet. They help you find just about anything online. In this task, you will learn the very basics of using a search engine. One of the most popular search engines online is called  "google.com."
In the address bar of your browser, type:


When the Goole Page opens, type "Free Online Dictionaries" in the Search Box. You can type all letters in lower case is you want. Left click the Google Search button.

You will have a list appear with several names of dictionaries. The list will change from one day to another.

Look for Cambridge Dictionaries Online. Double click the link (underlined words).


When the Cambridge Dictionary page opens, find the little white "search" box.  Be sure to select the Cambridge Learner Dictionary as your source.

Write the word "digital" in the box and click on the word "Search." You will see the definition of the word appear on the left. You will also read sentences using the word.

Highlight [drag your cursor (I)] across the definition and sentences. When the words are highlighted, go to EDIT on your toolbar and select COPY. That will copy the definition onto you computer clipboard. 


Now open your MS Word program and make sure you have a new document (blank page) open.

Ask a friend, or an instructor, or a librarian to explain words and abbreviations to you. For example, "adj" means that the word is an adjective. That means it describes something. Adjectives describe nouns (things). For example, "I have a digital camera." The word "digital" describes what kind of camera I have.

Ask for help or complete the Word Title WebTask if you haven't used Word before.

Click in your Word document. Now go to EDIT again, and select PASTE. That will "paste" the definition into your Word document. Above the definition, write "Cambridge" so that you know where you got the definition. Save that document into your folder or portfolio. Call your document/file "definitions."

If you have never created a folder and saved a document or file, as for help or complete the "Folders" WebTask.

Go back to google.com and select another dictionary. Try the Mirriam Webster Dictionary, for example. Or go to the bottom of the page and click #2 or #3 for another list. 

You will find similar white boxes. Enter the word "digital" into a box and read that dictionary's definition. Instead of "Search" you may click on "Look It Up" or something similar.

When the definition appears, COPY and PASTE the definition into your Word document, below the first definition. You will have to press ENTER on your keyboard to enter spaces below the first definition. 

Add "Mirriam Webster Dictionary" above that definition to identify its source.





Your Word document should look something like the writing you see on the the right.

Remember to ask someone to explain words or symbols that you haven't seen before.

Cambridge Dictionary

digital adj
1 using an electronic system that changes sounds or images into signals in the form of numbers before it stores them or sends them
digital television
a digital camera
2 A digital
clock or watch shows the time in the form of numbers.

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary  

Main Entry: dig·i·tal
Pronunciation: 'di-j&-t&l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin digitalis
Date: circa 1656
1 : of or relating to the fingers or toes : DIGITATE
2 : done with a finger
3 : of, relating to, or using calculation by numerical methods or by discrete units
4 : of or relating to data in the form of numerical digits
5 : providing a readout in numerical digits <a digital voltmeter>
6 : relating to an audio recording method in which sound waves are represented digitally (as on magnetic tape) so that in the recording wow and flutter are eliminated and background noise is reduced
- dig·i·tal·ly /-t&l-E/ adverb


Now that you have two definitions for the word "digital," do you understand what it means?

Write four sentences below the definitions using the word "digital."  You may use different meanings for the word in each sentence. Use your own sentences, not those you read online. Ask for help or work with a friend if you wish.

Save your document again. (FILE -> SAVE)

OKAY! Now you are ready to do the exercise on your own or with a friend. Go to "google.com" and select a dictionary. Write another word in the box and discover definitions of your choice. Following are some suggestions:

computer; screen; monitor; kilobyte; cursor; desktop; click; drive

You will find many different meanings sometimes for the same word. Write 10 sentences with you new word. Use different meanings. 

Play with your new skill! Have fun! Practice!

If you want a nice title page or "cover" for your own dictionary, complete the Word Title WebTask!

Read the definition for "digit" on the right.
Cambridge Dictionary

digit noun [C]
any of the numbers from 0 to 9, especially when they form part of a longer number
a seven digit telephone number

STEP 2 - Math Challenge. Based on that definition, fill the blanks on the Math Page. Click on the arrow to go there.    


Now go the the RUBRICS page and evaluate yourself! When you finish, save your work.

Follow the arrow.

Congratulations! You have completed your task!

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