Online Learning Segments

A WebQuest is a self-directed, online exercise that leads students through the process of completing a variety of tasks leading to a final project. A good WebQuest has the following sections: Introduction, Task (objectives), Process (specific instructions with links), Resources, Rubric, and, optionally, a Teacher's Section. WebQuests should be written at the language level of the student. If you conduct an Internet search on WebQuests, you will find thousands to choose from.

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A WebTask is our own invention (© leecywise 2002), designed primarily for adults with little time to process a complete Quest. A WebTask presents the student with a short task that can be completed within one or two hours of self-directed work. Students work through step-by-step instructions and complete a rubric for themselves at the end. You will not find any WebTasks like these online, but we hope more will be forthcoming. 

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