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What is a Computer: Project Rubric
Evaluate Yourself!


Instructions: Look at the items in the first column. Those are the items you are rating yourself on. They represent important steps in this project. Now read the statement that describes how well you completed that item. PLACE A CHECKMARK NEXT TO THE STATEMENT THAT IS TRUE FOR YOU.

For example, in the first item, Exercise 1, if you think you labeled at least 90% of all of the parts your studied, check the Green (Way to Go!) column. If you labeled less than 60% of the parts, check the orange (Redo) column. If you want to go back and redo the exercise and do better, go ahead. When you finish, complete the rubric again, PRINT it, and save it in your portfolio. (Be sure to tell the printer to print in "draft" mode and in "grayscale or "black and white." That way you don't waste ink!

If you want, ask your instructor how to figure out the percentages for your work.




Way to Go!


I named less  than 60% of the parts.

I named at least 60% of the parts.

I named at least 90% of the parts.

EXERCISE II I filled only a few of the boxes, or I just  didn't understand the exercise. I filled in most boxes, but I wasn't sure of some of my answers. I filled in all of the boxes and felt comfortable with my answers.

Drawing of the computer and labeling of parts.



I had trouble with this project. I need to redo it. I don't really like my drawing, but it looks a little like the model.  I labeled most of the parts correctly. I really like my drawing. It is similar to the model and others recognize the picture. I labeled all of the parts correctly.
Use of the Technology and following Instructions I couldn't follow instructions or ask for help. I don't have most or any of the exercises in my portfolio. I want to redo this project. I had some trouble following the instructions.  I asked for some help. I have all of the exercises in my portfolio. I followed directions easily most of the time. I asked for help when I needed it. I have all of the exercises in my portfolio.