Personalize a Short Address List: Math Activities
A Webtask for adult learners


In this task, you will respond to questions about fractions, percentages and ratios. If you want to review fractions, percentages and ratios, click on one of the arrows/links below for other Web Tasks.

Percentage of Time Fractions and decimals -   Percentage of space used -  Ratio and Proportion     Ratio and Proportion    

Examine the Access table below and respond to the questions about it. The table has 11 fields (ID, 1, 2, 3, etc...). It has 15 records to be entered (1-John, 2-Mary, 3-Ruben, etc...)

Calculate your answers on a separate piece of paper. Fill the box with the answer. Check your answer.

Approximately what percentage of field number 1 is filled in?

Express that percentage in a fraction.

What is the ratio between the the filled-in cells and the unfilled cells in the Name Field?

What is the ratio between males and females on the list? (Lin is a woman). 

When you are finished, print this page, sign it and place it in your portfolio. Sign your calculations sheet and also place it in your portfolio.

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