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In the first Access Task, you worked with fractions, percentages, and ratios. We will continue to practice those skills in this task, using a different table. 

If you want to review fractions, percentages and ratios, click on one of the arrows/links below for other Web Tasks.

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The table below shows details on orders that were made by The Northwind, and international food company. If you want to become a chef, you may want to look up the definition for the foods listed under the field "Product."

The table has five fields: Order ID, Product, Unit Price, Quantity (ordered), and discount.

Calculate your answers on a separate piece of paper. Fill the box with the answer. Check your answer.

1. Northwind had an order for 28 units of Guarana Fantastica, a Brazilian soda (order ID 10263). Each unit cost $3.60. The whole order was for 28 units. There was no discount on the order. How much did the total order cost?

2. Examine order ID 10260, for Jack's New England Clam Chowder. Calculate the total order with a 25% discount.

3. What is the total discount for order ID 10258, Chef Antonio's Gumbo Mix?

Calculate the discounts and total prices for three additional discounted items.

To play a game that will help you practice figuring out discounts, go to 

When you are finished, print this page and your worksheet, sign them, and place them in your portfolio. 

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