Change data in a business database model
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Intro to Access   Expand Your Database (Use the BACK button to return to this page)

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ACTIVITY I - Examine tables and forms, and change information

STEP 1: Click on the arrow below to download a completed database, called "Northwind" [This is a sample database that you open right from your own Access program. In Access, go to Help -> Sample Databases -> Northwind Sample Database.] 


As you did in other tasks, select "Save" from the window that opens, and save the "Northwind" database onto your computer. Once it saves, click "CLOSE" to close the window.

STEP 2: Open the "Northwind" database from your computer. Click "OK" to close the Northwind window. 

A new window will appear, called "Switchboard." The author of this database created this window to be able to order her information easily.

The Switchboard -->> The Switchboard window lets you work  with different forms. The Switchboard is like a phone switchboard that connects you to people. This one connects you to data and lets you enter data in forms.

Forms -->> Forms let you enter records without having to work with a table. A table contains all records. A form lets you enter records into a table, one by one, without having to see all records in a table.

STEP 3: Click on the blue bar at the top of the Main Switchboard and drag it over to the side. You now can see the Switchboard options and all of the tables in your business. Notice that the Database Window has TABLES selected. You can see a list of all of the tables in the database. On the right, in the Switchboard window, you can see the list of some of the FORMS created to help you enter and search information easily.

STEP 4: Click on the "X" to close the Switchboard. 

You are now looking at the Database Window. It shows you all of the options for working with records. Select TABLES (on the left), and open the PRODUCTS table (on the right). 

The Products Table has 77 records. You can scroll through those records using the arrow options at the bottom. Click on different options to see how the work.

You can enter a new record or edit information in at table. You can also enter data in a FORM layout. That data will also be saved into this table. Let's try it!

STEP 5: Close (X) the Tables View to return to the original window.

Now select the FORMS from the list.

Double click on the Products Form to open it. Notice that all of the information that was in the Products Table is also in the Products Form.

As you click the on the arrows at the bottom of the page, you can select different records in the list.

STEP 5:Click on the New Record arrow. Add the following information to the new record.

STEP 6: Close the Product Form (X). From the Database Window, click on Tables -> Products.

 The Products Table appears again. Now you'll see the record you entered as number 78. 

To delete the record, simply rest your cursor at the beginning of the row (next to the + sign). When the row is highlighted, press DELETE on your keyboard and agree to delete it.

Practice going between the Tables and Forms views and examine the information in each one. In the next task, you will create a table and form for your business.

NOTE: Access automatically saves any data you enter. If you don't want to save the data, you must deleted it from the Table View.

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