Aries, the Ram -Mar 20 to April 19  



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In this project, you will...

  1. Read a short description of the sign, Aries.
  2. Complete a reading challenge.
  3. Complete a math challenge.
  4. Create a collage about yourself.


You are easily bored and need lots of new things in your life. You are good at getting things started. You like to complete projects quickly and get going on something else. You like to be number one or to be the only one working on a project. You have a courageous spirit. Others trust you. You are romantic. You prefer "the chase" more than "the long haul" of a relationship.


The Sun shined in Aries in the zodiac on your birthday. The symbol for Aries is the Ram. The ram is a determined fighter and a powerful adversary.Aries is a fire sign. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is a masculine sign. It is ruled by the warrior planet Mars. The motto for Mars is "Crash through, or crash!". Aries, the Ram, governs leadership and initiative. Aries people are bold and self-confident. However, they may be too impulsive.

Your energy is very attractive and few can resist it. Ariens are always full of ideas and plans to conquer the world. For Ariens, life, of course, is one long party. Ariens are great organizers. You are full of originality, but you sometimes lack discipline. You may not like to put your effort into things for very long. You are intuitive and can use words well. You can inspire others, especially in projects that have fast results.

You are well-suited to become a firefighter, surgeon, mechanic, dentist (watch that drill!), professional athlete and, most of all, entrepreneur.

Your colors are red and white. Your birthstone is the brilliant diamond. It symbolizes clear strength, purified under pressure. Flowers for Aries include the red poppy, geraniums, honeysuckle and hollyhocks.

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  Strengths Challenges

Adventurous and energetic
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and funny

Impulsive and "daredevil"

  Likes Dislikes

Coming in first

Waiting around
Admitting failure
No opposition
Other people's advice

Suggestions on Handling Difficult Situations

SITUATION: A project isn't going anywhere. You are are having conflict with partners or helpers.
SUGGESTION: See your role as the "person with ideas." After that, work on inspiring others to carry them out. Decide to listen more and speak less.

SITUATION: Others are deserting you. They say you don't notice them or their feelings.
SUGGESTION: Examine your attitude. Put yourself in their shoes. Can you give others a little more feedback? Again, listening is a good skill to practice.

SITUATION: You are tripping over yourself and inviting conflict. You feel deflated.
SUGGESTION: Learn the art of looking before you jump. Findout what it is you want to make happen first, then act.

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