Libra, the Scales, (September 24 to October 23)

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In this project, you will...

  1. Read a short description of the sign, Libra.
  2. Complete a reading/writing challenge.
  3. Complete a Web exercise (WebQuest).
  4. Read information about the and complete a related math/science challenge.
  5. Create a collage about yourself.


You are very bright and social. You are good with language, and insist on practicing social skills and manners. You are good at helping people resolve differences (diplomacy). You look for win-win solutions that make everyone happy. You want peace at any cost, even if it means hiding your personal feelings or attitudes. You avoid conflict or competition. You are more comfortable with your mind than with your emotions. You do best best when you share activities with a partner or friend.


Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. It is a masculine sign. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and social grace. Libra governs partnerships, the arts, and making sense of relationships. It is an air sign. Therefore, Libran people seek aesthetic pleasure, balance in relationships and a harmonious environment. You can usually see both sides of any issue, so you may tend put things off and to hesitate to make decisions. Because you want to be fair, you sometimes do not make decisions quickly.

You love to be admired, especially for your taste, charm and appreciation for excellence. (Be careful not to fall for flattery.) You graciously accept praise for your achievements and will gladly give praise to others, when you think they deserve it.

In spite of your need to be liked, you are surprisingly strong-willed. You set out to accomplish your goals and will find ways to succeed one way or another. You know how to use your wit and charm. The "iron fist in a velvet glove" approach is one key to your success.

The Balance is Libra's astrological symbol and you require balance in your life. In relationships, you always give back in kind what you have been given.

Tennis, hiking, horseback riding, skating, and aerobics have some appeal, but you are not into a lot of physical activity.

Librans make good diplomats, judges, public relations consultants, counselors, psychologists and artists.

Libra colors are ivory, pink (or rose), turquoise, and blue. A traditional birthstone for Libra is the blue sapphire. Another useful stone for you is the opal. Libra rules flowers in general but particularly appropriate blooms for Libra include roses (white or pink), daisies, violets, asters and orchids.

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Strengths Challenges

Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peace loving

Indecisive and changeable
Gullible and easily influenced

Likes Dislikes

The finer things in life

Being a slave to fashion

Suggestions on Handling Difficult Situations

As a Libra you may see things below that really strike home. If you try the solution or suggestions, you most likely will be amazed at the results.

CHALLENGE: You find yourself frequently trapped in situations that have no depth and little value to you or the other person.
SUGGESTION: Try not to pretend feelings you do not have. Find a way to back gracefully out of a superficial relationship; look before you leap.

CHALLENGE: You find that you do not really like yourself and/or beating yourself up over not being able to please another.
SUGGESTION: If you learn how to please yourself without hurting others, then you will be able to please someone else. Try to cultivate inner security through spiritual strength and awareness.

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