PowerPoint 2002
An Introduction to Myself
Part II

A Webtask for adult learners

Read over your rubrics (self-evaluation) for this task before you complete the activities. Click on the arrow and use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page and continue.

Before you begin this task, be sure to practice the skills you learned in Part I. Click on the arrow to go over Part I.

In this task, you'll use more tools. You'll add a slide to your presentation and delete that slide. You'll also enter  graphics to slides.

Open the presentation you saved in Part I as "yourinitialspp1.ppt." [Remember that you can go back and forth between this page and your presentation. Just press the ALT key and click the TAB key on your keyboard.]


Let's add an image, or graphic, to you presentation title page. Right-click on the graphic below.

A list of options will come up. Select "SAVE PICTURE AS." When the SAVE box comes up, save the image to your desktop or into your folder. 

Remember where you saved it so that you can copy it into your presentation. The name of the image should be "title.gif" because it will be the image in your title page. 

Go to your PP presentation's title page. On your Menu Bar, Select INSERT -> PICTURE -> From File

When the image appears, hold down the left mouse button on the picture and drag it between the Title and Subtitle of the slide. (You can drag images anywhere on the slide.)

When you click on the picture, you'll notice that small dots appear on the sides. Those are called "HANDLES." You can make the picture bigger or smaller or you can change its proportions. If you drag the left and right handles your picture will be wider or narrower. Top and bottom handles make it taller or shorter. If you want to keep the proportions of the picture, use the handles on each corner. Drag the mouse toward the middle.

Play with different sizes for your image. You can always undo your actions by clicking on the UNDO icon or pressing CONTROL Z on your keyboard.

 SAVE your presentation.

Below are a few more icons that you'll see on your main  toolbar. Try each one out. As long as you don't save your presentation as you play with the icons, you can always go back to your original slide (CONTROL+Z or the UNDO button). You can always close the presentation and open it again. It will open to the slides you save the last time.
 New Create a new presentation (Also Control+N)
 Open Open an existing presentation (Also Control+O)
 Save Save the presentation (Also Control+S)
 Print Print the current presentation (Also Control+P)
 Spelling Spell check the presentation (Also F7)
 Copy Copy selected text (Also Control+C)
 Paste Paste cut or copied text (Also Control+V)
 Undo Undo the last action (Also Control+Z)
 New Slide Add a new slide to the presentation (Also Control+M)
 Zoom Change the zoom percentage 
 Microsoft PowerPoint Help Access the Office Assistant (Also F1)
 More Buttons See additional toolbar buttons


You should see a DRAWING Toolbar like the one below. It helps you change the colors of shapes and text, add arrows, and more.

 Drawing Toolbar

 If you don't see the Drawing toolbar when you click an image, open it from VIEW on your menu bar.

Open a new slide and select the BLANK Slide Layout. (You learned that earlier.)

Click on AUTO SHAPES on the toolbar. Notice all of the choices you have! 

Draw different shapes, add text, and change play with different icons . We'll delete that slide later.

For example, select a triangle from the shapes in that toolbar and draw it on the slide by dragging the cursor. 

You can fill the shape with colors (Paint Bucket), color the borders (Paint Brush) and increase the size of the borders (Stacked lines).  Choose the 3-dimension icon and give it a shadow. To see each change, the object MUST be selected.

If you see a little green circle above the shape, you can drag that around and rotate the shape. 

Below is an example of a slide with different shapes.


Now, instead of saving this "play" file, let's delete it from your presentation. 

Step 1: Look at the icons on the left and bottom part of you screen. view buttons

The five buttons view buttons give you the different view modes you can use while you work. The buttons and related view modes are:

 Normal View

 Outline View

 Slide View

 Slide Sorter View

 Slide Show

Step 2: Select the  Slide Sorter View

Step 3: When the slides appear in order, click on the slide that shows the shapes you made. 

Step 4: Press the delete button on your keyboard, and it's gone! If you made a mistake, remember what to do? (Hint: the icon has a curved arrow...). The Undo button!  Or... CONTROL+Z several times, until you get back to where you started.

 Now SAVE your presentation.



Complete the Rubrics, print and date the Rubrics page, and place it in your folder.

Congratulations! You've learned something new today!!!

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