PowerPoint 2002
An Introduction to Myself
Part III

A Webtask for adult learners

Read over your rubrics (self-evaluation) for this task before you complete the activities. Click on the arrow and use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page and continue.

Before you begin this task, be sure to practice the skills you learned in Part I. Click on the arrow to go over 

Part I.

Part II.

In this task, you'll add animations to your slides.

Open the presentation you saved in Part II. [Remember that you can go back and forth between this page and your presentation. Just press the ALT key and click the TAB key on your keyboard.]


Let's add some animation to your slides.

STEP 1: Go to your second slide by using the UP and DOWN arrows at the bottom right corner of you window OR by opening the slide Sorter View and double clicking the second slide.

STEP 2: With your second slide (My Interests) open, click in the bulleted list of interests. You'll notice the text box show up. With the text box selected, go to SLIDE SHOW-> CUSTOM ANIMATION.

A panel will open giving you some choices. [You can drag that panel to make it wider or more narrow. You can also close it (X) when you finish.]


The choices you made above will tell the program to show each line in the text box one at a time. One line at a time will appear as you click on the slide. You must SHOW the presentation to see the effects.

STEP 4: Click on the SLIDE SHOW view (Remember -> left bottom corner of your screen  Slide Show).

You presentation will play on your full screen, starting with the second slide, since that is what you had open. 

STEP 5: When the slide appears, click anywhere in the slide. The lines will appear one at a time!

You can click through to the next slide. To end the show, press the ESC button on your keyboard.


OK! Now repeat the same process for the last slide. Use a different animation, just for fun. You can undo anything you don't like.

To play the whole presentation, go to the first slide and select the Slide Show view again. As you click you will see each slide come up with the animation you gave it. Good job!

 When you finish, SAVE your presentation.



Complete the Rubrics, print and date the Rubrics page, and place it in your folder.

Congratulations! You've learned something new today!!!

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