PowerPoint 2002
An Introduction to Myself
Part IV

A Webtask for adult learners

Read over your rubrics (self-evaluation) for this task before you complete the activities. Click on the arrow and use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page and continue.

Before you begin this task, be sure to practice the skills you learned in Part I. Click on the arrow to go over 

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

In this task, you'll add transitions to your slides. You also add a final slide to your show.

Open the presentation you saved in Part III. [Remember that you can go back and forth between this page and your presentation. Just press the ALT key and click the TAB key on your keyboard.]

ACTIVITY I: Add Slide Transitions

Let's add some transitions to your slides.

STEP 1: Select the Slide Sorter View  . You see all of your slides listed.

STEP 2: Select the first slide. Go to SLIDE SHOW->SLIDE TRANSITION.

STEP 3: When you see the panel show up, select BLINDS HORIZONTAL.  That means that when you show the presentation, you first slide with come up with that transition. 

STEP 4: Now select the second and third slides, and give them  different transitions. [It is not a good idea to use a different transition for each slide, but we are just playing here.] 

STEP 5: Now select the first slide, and click the SLIDE SHOW BUTTON. As you click on each slide, you'll notice them come in with different transitions!

Go back to the SLIDE SORTER View and play with different transitions. When you are finished playing, select one transition for all of the slides [CONTROL + A selects all).

 When you finish, SAVE your presentation.

ACTIVITY II: Add a New Slide

STEP 1: In the a SLIDE SORTER VIEW, right-click anywhere on the BLANK screen, and select NEW SLIDE. [You can also press CONTROL + M on your keyboard, or got to INSERT-> NEW SLIDE on your menu bar.

STEP 2: A new slide will appear with the panel asking you to choose a layout. Select the Title page layout with two text boxes.

STEP 3: Double click on the blank slide, which will take you to the Normal View where you can work. If the left-hand panel is open, listing your slides, close it (X).

STEP 4: In the first text box, type "JUST A LITTLE ABOUT ME!"

STEP 5: In the second text box, write "THE END."

STEP 6: Now drag your cursor across the words THE END to select them. Once the words are selected, click several times on the large "A" icon on your toolbar. You'll see the text increase in size.

STEP 7: Keep the text selected and go to the "A" with the color bar on the toolbar. Click on the arrow next to it, select MORE COLORS, and choose a gold color for your text.

Your last slide should look something like the slide below.


   SAVE your presentation.

Go back to your first slide, click the SLIDE SHOW button, and play your whole presentation, clicking through each slide and the animations you added to the text.

FINISH: When you finish, go to the SLIDE SORTER VIEW. GO TO FILE->PRINT. When you printer options come up, select HANDOUTS from the "Print What" window. Then select FOUR Slide Per Page. Be sure to select the Black and White option on your printer unless you want colored pages.

When you press OK, the printer will print the Slide Sorter view with your four slides on one page.

Sign your page and place it in your folder as your final PP project!

If you completed this project with friends, play your presentations to each other.



Complete the Rubrics, print and date the Rubrics page, and place it in your folder.

Congratulations! You've learned something new today!!! You've also completed your  Power Point project!

This is just a beginning. You can now play with more tools in Power Point. Save your final presentation, then go to SAVE AS under FILE on the menu bar, and save it again as "myplay." Now you can play with your new file without hurting your original presentation.

You can add sounds, automatic play features, charts, special effects and much more. Keep experimenting and asking for help. And have a great time!

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